When you give, you change the world for a child

Help us create a society where all orphaned, vulnerable, and abandoned babies get a chance to grow up in loving, healthy families 

How your gift makes an impact

With your gift, Amukura Orphanage Home can help more kids and sustain families by providing essential support for the most vulnerable.

Give a child safety & care

When children need a family, Amukura Orphanage Home is there. Family is the essential social care structure. Your gift will help provide vulnerable children the support, safety, and connection they deserve.

Help keep a family together

Rather than placing vulnerable or orphaned children in an orphanage, you support families struggling to stay together with life-changing resources that lead to self-sufficiency.  

Support children in schools

We seek to offer school tuition support, and income assistance for families of vulnerable children, but many children are struggling with accessing essential needs. Your gift helps children and families with food, income-generating activities, and critical support services so that kids can go to school.

Other ways to support our work for children and families

Here are some other ways you can help:

  • Expertise (social workers, information technology, counselors/therapists, proposal writing)
  • Empowering our staff (continuing education and professional development)
  • Guidance and counseling funds (paying skilled therapists to work with children)
  • Construction funds (and building materials), for instance; building a Perimeter wall – to make our facilities safer and protect children
  • Food and medication
  • Clothing, beddings, and furniture
  • Education funding and tuition support for children
  • Family tracing, reintegration, and ongoing case management funds (covering travel expenses required to visit rural communities)
  • Farming funds to support food production and income generation for sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and income generation funding to help families be self-sustaining
  • Spreading the word (networking and linking up with mass media groups)
  • Prayer

If you'd like to get involved in some other way, please contact us