December 14, 2022

Recent stories of babies in our care

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Baby Pascal is adopted.

Baby Pascal came to use when he was three days old. He was abandoned in a sweet potato plantation and brought to us by a good Samaritan.



Pascal, at three days old

We could not locate Pascal’s birth family, and we’re so pleased his new family adopted him in January 2022.

Pascal with his new dad, brothers, and sisters

The photo below was of Pascal when he returned to us for a check-up and evaluation.

One-year-old Pascal

Baby Francis

Update: Baby Francis was adopted by a loving family on July 12, 2022, and he’s doing well.

Baby Francis came to us at two months old. Unfortunately, he was abandoned on a hospital bench in the reception area. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to locate his biological family.

He will be turning one year old on 4/10/2022.

Francis, at two months old

He is a happy child dealing with illness, and we hope to find a safe and loving family to care for him.

Francis today

Baby Ambrose

We received baby Ambrose. He was one week old. His mother gave him up through the child welfare society of Kenya.

Ambrose, at one week old
Ambrose, at one-month-old

He is sitting and starting to catch up developmentally at ten months old. Ambrose’s severe protein allergy affected his growth until a doctor discovered it when he was four months old.

We’re pleased he’s now healthy, sitting up, and crawling.

Ambrose, at ten months old


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