December 12, 2022

Three children adopted by families

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His foster family adopts Amos

This is baby Amos abandoned in the hospital after delivery by the mother. Today Amos is four years old and is in a foster care family who loves him and is working on adoption. He is at school at Preprimary 1 at school.


Elizabeth gets a new family

Baby Elizabeth is five years old. She is in a foster care family, which we are processing for adoption. She was abandoned in the hospital after birth, and up to date, we have not traced the biological family. Currently, she is in Preprimary 1 at school.

Mark is adopted

Mark is four years old. He was placed for adoption in March 2022. We’re celebrating his adoption by a safe and loving family.

Mark and his new mom and adoption day
Mark and his mom, after placement in their home


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  1. Dear helpers at Amukura
    thanks for the work that You do with children to give them a safe life
    Iam a catholic missionary priest, a researcher and facilitating courses at Kisubi University and particulary in the new bachellor degree course at the department of child development and protection
    Iam so moved with your model of emphasis on families as the best places to safeguard children I request that we par with your institution in this endevour at present Iam doing a research with the Association of Religious in uganda on Founders charism and child safeguard in institutions of Association of Religious of Uganda. my Objective is to examine such a model as a tool of safeguard of children and this is the reason why I find your model very useful and congratulate you on it
    Iwish you a nice chrismas season
    Fr Andrew kato aj

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